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Tim Cadiere


Tim Cadiere and Wash Board Road can be found playing their music at several venues around the Lake Oconee, Augusta, and South Carolina areas. From a categorical perspective, there’s not much you can throw at Tim Cadiere that he can’t play, sing or perform. Tim Cadiere’s set list is often a combination of Pop, Country, Rock and Blues which allows him and his band, Wash Board Road, to bring an electric vibe to any stage. Tim Cadiere’s soulful original songs have Cajun-Country overtones with a dash of creole spunk brought over from his native Louisiana.

In 2009 Tim Cadiere’s radio hit, “Thinking Outside The Box“, had a large amount of radio play and thus opened many doors for him and the band. In the following months, they went on a radio tour through many of the continental United States.

Tim Cadiere’s newest project includes his new band, Wash Board Road. Together the group has released a new single, “Proud“. The song paints the exact picture of the kind of pride that comes from a small, rural town like Lake Oconee and its surrounding areas. “Proud” is a patriotic ballad and holds a special place in the lives of many Lake Oconee residents. The last verses on “Proud” are dedicated to Army Spc. Erica Alecksen of Eatonton, GA who gave her life for our country.

Tim was voted 2012 best musician for Lake Oconee Living Magazine People’s Choice Awards. You can catch more of Tim Cadiere and  Wash Board Road at YouTube  |  Tim Cadiere.com | and Facebook.

If you’d like to book Tim Cadiere for your wedding or event, give us a call at 706-816-1690 or email tcmusic@timcadiere.com.